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My name is Matthew Haeck. I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer & Experienced Graphic Designer Based in Raleigh NC.

My working hours are spent writing PHP, fine-tuning CSS, optimizing Javascript, and exploring all the time savings Python offers. My work as a web developer & graphic designer can be time consuming, but I also think it's crucial to stay well rounded.

When away from the desk I like to volunteer around Raleigh, explore the mountains, work on open-source projects, reading, & hunting obscure vinyl. While at work, I focus quite a bit on building websites that delight & inform users. I take my work seriously & I do it well. Drop by my about page for details & if you'd like to visit my blog, scroll down a bit for recent posts.

About Matthew Haeck
Matthew Haeck - Photography

Recent Web Development & Graphic Design Projects

Web Design & Development Projects

Web developers know you need to stay agile. Mastering WordPress is for beginners. You need comprehensive knowledge of server tuning, firewall construction, utilizing API's, etc. Every project is unique, but that's why it's fun.

Latest Graphic Design Projects

Not all projects need an experienced graphic designer, but if it's going to print - I'd recommend it. Business cards, flyers, print collateral, signage - These are all solid design projects & highly under-appreciated in terms of branding.

A Few of My Latest Photography Samples

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and greatest sources of design inspiration. I'm certainly not a great photographer by any means, but trying to capture a moment has always been a fun challenge / process.

Recent Blog Posts

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