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Baby Sailor
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I keep getting random awesome pictures sent to me from my friends and folks. I figured it’d be greedy not to share some of them, so I’ll just periodically post some of my favorites here. Feel free to share, just…Continue Reading

Fred Rogers Vintage Photo
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When I was growing up I could only really remember three people who seemed at peace. Bob Ross and Shel Silverstein certainly brought there own talents to the table, but the one guy who always just seemed like a normal…Continue Reading

Data Visualization Birth / Death Rates
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Data Visualization Births / Deaths in Real-Time is a bizarre concept, but also an interesting one. If you want to address data visualization births / deaths, one of the leaders in the field is Brad Lyon. He has worked with…Continue Reading

Who is Eddie Huang?
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Who is Eddie Huang? After some research I’ve come to the decision that Eddie Huang is one of my favorite characters in the entire world. I could watch the man read a phonebook… But luckily Vice has him going on…Continue Reading

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