Since TED is supposed to be a home for intelligent conversation, it's a little disturbing sometimes when they recall their support of a speaker. If they approved both the speaker and the topic, it seems a little punitive to disown a hard thought out speech. That's why I decided banned TED talks should have a home here... and now they do.

Currently Banned TED Talks...

Nick Hanauer on Inequality - The Debate
Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion - The Debate
Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness - The Debate
Sarah Silverman: A new perspective on the number 3000 - The Debate

Know Of Any Other Banned TED Talks?

If you run across any new editing done by the team over at TED, please shoot a message this way. Personally, I'm a fan of thinking that no speech should be "too hot" for TED.

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