Matthew Haeck - Profile Picture

Full-stack web developer, logo designer, seo & security enthusiast based out of Raleigh, NC. Originally trained in economics & graphic design, Matthew founded Haeck Design in 2008 and currently works with thriving southern businesses & amazing design clients scattered across the US.

Technical Skills

I'm an extremely proficient web developer, logo designer, graphic designer, and SEO specialist. Recent areas of interest include wrangling useful api's, compiling & presenting big data, providing a solid user experience, building with modern frameworks (Angular / Ember / Node / Ghost /Joomla! / Drupal), promoting bullet-proof security, and habitually advocating the use of vectors... always. My stats & core competencies are roughly detailed below.

  • Languages: PHP, CSS, JS, HTML
  • Platforms: CentOS, Ubuntu, Mac, Git, AWS, Joomla, WordPress, Ghost, Drupal, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Specialties: Adobe Creative Suite
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Work Experience

My professional career began as an Imagineer for Disney. After branching out into the graphic design world, I spent several years creating print and marketing materials during the day, while building websites in off hours. As my interest in web development grew, so did demand. Forming my own design firm was the next big step and as of today, Haeck Design has served over 60 clients, in 9 countries, covering 3 continents.



Interests & Hobbies

When away from my desk I enjoy basketball, photography, running, surfing, collecting obscure records, reading, and supporting my beloved hometown of Raleigh, NC.


Have a project you'd like my hand on? Contact me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email. All other inquiries should be guided through the proper channels.