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Full-stack web developer, logo designer & small business owner, Matthew possesses a solid foundation in the design and development fields. His educational background in applied economics & graphic design paired well with his lifelong passion for tech and eventually resulted in creating his namesake design firm - Haeck Design. Currently residing in Raleigh, NC, he operates a thriving small business, volunteers for local arts organizations and spends endless hours honing his technical craft and industry know-how.

Technical Skills

Early marketing work in logo design and print layout granted the ability to gain a foothold in the design field, but the web world is where Matthew clearly stands out. Working on PHP projects facilitated growth, but mastering low-level functions granted status as a full-stack web developer and he's never looked back. Steady growth in SEO services, API wrangling, bulletproof security, eventually lead to more complex tasks like machine learning and presenting big data. While the itemized skill list below certainly stacks up w/ most high-end developers, the most important talent he's developed is the ability to acquire skills independently. He's an autodidact in the truest sense of the word.

  • Language: C#, CSS, HTML, Javascript, JSON, LESS, Node, PHP, Python, Regex, Ruby, SASS, SQL, XML
  • Platform/CMS: CentOS, Drupal, Ghost, Joomla, Linux, Mac, Redhat, Ubuntu, WordPress
  • Tool: Adobe Creative Suite, Apache, AJAX, AWS, Bootstrap, Bower, Docker, Ember, Express, Foundation, Git, GraphQL, Grunt, Gulp, Heroku, Ionic, JQuery, Kubernetes, Lightroom, MariaDB, Metasploit, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, NoSQL, UIKit, Yeoman
  • Recent Addition: Angular, Go, Haskell, Meteor, Netcat, React, Swift, Telescope, Webpack, Wireshark

Design & Development Experience

At a young age, Matthew started with C & instantly took to web development as the field began to take root. A heavy course-load of art classes and a few years of graphic design based marketing experience combined to generate a strong level of expertise in Adobe Creative Suite. After graduating college and those years in marketing, his professional creative career really began to thrive when he accepted an Imagineer role at Walt Disney World Resort. While the experience was massively influential, working side projects with several growing Florida based businesses on print and web work fueled his creative side and eventually building those clients allowed him to start guiding his own projects. As of this year, he's served over 60 clients (w/ a high retention rate), in 9 countries covering 3 continents.

Graphic Design

Web Development

Interests & Hobbies

Running your own business is an "all-encompassing" job, but when he's not at the desk Matthew spends a fair amount of time swimming, playing basketball, reading, mountain biking, surfing & exploring the eastern seaboard hunting for obscure records. Aside from hobbies, he spends a fair amount of time working on his photography & volunteering around his hometown of Raleigh, NC.

Memberships & Volunteering: AIGA Freelancers Union NCBOE Habitat for Humanity

If you'd like to get in touch, the social media sites linked below are a good place to start. If you have a project you'd like a hand on, please contact Haeck Design on their contact page and if you have another professional request, Twitter or LinkedIn will usually get you the quickest response.