To me... Animated GIFs are a little piece of magic. When I first started learning the "art of graphic design" I wanted to absorb EVERYthing possible about formats... Mostly so I could clearly see the advantage/disadvantages of each. GIFs are one file type I skipped past though. In hindsight, it was intentional...

Some of my favorite animated gifs

So here are a few of my favorite animated gifs I've stumbled across while browsing around lately...

The nerd in me would say that GIFs are obsolete - mostly because the horrid resolution to file-size ratio. A GIF felt like a sad old version of a PNG. Now though - even with my decade of experience, I really don't understand where they came from. I understand that their just rotating, low quality images... but really, they're a cool little fluke that bubbled up from a generation that had so much new technology that unique functionality was regularly traded for novelty.

I'm sure it's an over-dramatization to say... but to me, animated GIFs are a tiny little mystery in an overtly complex and scientific world.

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